6 Tips for your Digital Design Product Presentations

Selling digital graphic resources online has been one of the best career decisions I made, downloadable products are much simpler to sell than physical products (dealing with shipping and merchandise was not my favorite thing) and as a designer I love having the freedom to create whatever I like on a daily basis. Online markets such as Creative Market, Etsy, Envato and so on have enabled us designers to upload our work and have a wider exposure to a buying market.

Having said that selling your work online is not as simple as uploading a product (no matter how good it is) and then expecting buyers to rush in.

Other than the obvious factor of offering high quality products to begin with, you will need to be able to present them to your audience in the right way and allow them to envision their own use of your products. The competition is high and markets are filled with good quality graphics that compete for buyers attention.

So please see below 6 tips for your digital design products presentations:

1. Make sure to clearly display what your product is

Use clear visuals and text, help the viewer understand what the product is, what it does and how they can put it to work.

2. Show multiple product applications

Use professional mockups to show your product applied in various scenarios so that viewers can understand it's usage potentials.

3. Create high quality images with correct grammar and spelling

Make sure your products look professional this reflects to you as a business owner, you need to appear trustworthy and reliable. Don't use presentation images that are pixelated or at the wrong dimensions and always double check your spelling/grammar. Your typography needs to be correct, legible and all elements used sharp and bright.

4. Keep your target audience in mind

When working on a digital product you try to think of who the user is and what their needs are, that is exactly what you should keep in mind when creating a product's presentation images. Who will want to buy this product, how can they potentially use it, what is their level of expertise and understanding of various product features? You then need to enhance the values that are more important to your audience and show them what this product can do for them.

5. Carefully select a color scheme that fits your product

The right color scheme on your presentation images can set the right tone and feel for your product, so make sure to send your message at first glance.

6. Make great images that people would like to share

The internet provides us such great tools to promote our work online these days (many of them are free) so your product's presentation should be able to speak for itself and have such graphics that people will want to share it with others through a blog or their social media.

Tip: Include long images within your presentations, they can be ideal for sharing through Pinterest

Long presentation images


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