Meet the Puzzle Feed, the coolest Instagram trend!

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Instagram Puzzle layouts are evidently hard to achieve, but at the same time they are so impressive and they can make your feed stand out and draw in viewers.

What is an Instagram Puzzle?

An Instagram Puzzle is basically one large image sliced into multiple smaller images that make your individual posts. To put the pieces back together on your feed you post them in a certain sequence and once the puzzle is pieced together, it forms a cohesive image that looks awesome on your Instagram profile page!

The really tricky part is making sure the individual images work well when posted on their own as well as when being part of the larger image.

Using Instagram Templates to achieve the puzzle look.

Instagram Puzzle Templates

If you are not feeling completely confident you can achieve this look on your own, a solution is to use professional ready-made, pre-sliced Photoshop templates. They will have everything in place for you (text, graphics, image holders) so once you select the template that fits your personal style, all you have to do is add your own photos and text, save the template's individual images and get cracking on those social media posts!

Find some great looking Instagram Puzzle templates below:

Use an Instagram puzzle template to:

  • Give your Instagram feed a cohesive, branded, gorgeous look and advance your Social Media Marketing.

  • Save time (by saving many posts at once!).

  • Edit and adjust the templates with your photos, text and colors to create a great social media presence.


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